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Who We Are

Since 1995, Country Pure Foods is one of the largest suppliers of portioned and multi-serve juices, plant-based beverages, and frozen novelties.

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What We Do

We help our customers with numerous beverage and frozen novelty solutions across various channels in foodservice, retail, and co-pack markets.

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our values

Mission Statement

By providing a work environment that emphasizes safety, quality, and collaboration, we will be a leading supplier of beverages in North America, delivering quality and innovative solutions to our customers, resulting in a winning culture that engages employees and maximizes the stakeholder value.

Company History

1995—Country Pure Farms was formed when a private equity firm merged two regional portion juice companies, Ohio Pure Foods, and Natural Country Farms.

1997—Packers Central and Packers West, two leaders in the juice cup and juice concentrate business, were acquired by Country Pure Farms.

1998—Ardmore Farms and their manufacturing facility from Quaker Oats were acquired. Ardmore Farms was known most for their frozen juice cups with a foil lid. With CPF the Ardmore Farms brand offers a full line of fruit juices in cups, cartons, K Paks and juice boxes.

2006—Country Pure Farms acquired Vitality Portion Products Division, a producer of frozen juices and shelf-stable juice boxes. CPF has since tripled the original capacity of Vitality’s juice box production.

2012—Cal Tex Citrus, a portion juice supplier based in Houston, TX, was a. Cal Tex specialized in juice cups, cartons and K Paks. The acquisition of this company allowed CPF to begin producing juice in Texas, therefore, allowing us to be more competitive in the portion juice industry out west.

2014—Country Pure Farms acquired Quality Kitchens, the makers of a portion fruit juice cup that is shipped and stored frozen.

2016—In 2016 Country Pure Farms acquired Ridgefield’s Brand Corp, the makers of SideKicks. SideKicks are a unique frozen juice with a smooth and easy-to-eat texture, making them a favorite among students of all ages. After acquiring the SideKicks brand, CPF expanded it from four SKUs to eight, including two innovative options that credit as a vegetable for school weekly menu totals.

2017—One of the largest U.S. private label and co-packers located in Florida, Silver Springs Citrus, was acquired.

Country Pure Foods Today

  • Headquartered in Akron, Ohio
  • Partnered with Blue Point Capital Partners LLC
  • Largest supplier of portion juice to foodservice industry
  • Broad line of beverage products and packaging
  • Diverse supplier serving foodservice and retail
  • National supplier

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