Great Alternative

Our VBlend® Juices and VBlend® SideKicks™ provide a great way for children to reach their red/orange vegetable intake.

  • 100% Vegetable Juice
  • Credit as Red/Orange Vegetable
  • Helps Combat Red/Orange Menu Fatigue

VBlend® Juice

Made with sweet potato, pumpkin, and carrot juice

Flavors Include:

  • Ruby Rusher
  • Sunset Sip

Available Sizes:

  • 4 and 6 fl. oz. carton
  • 4.23 and 6.75 fl. oz. juice box


VBlend® SideKicks™

Smooth-Frozen Texture that makes it effortless to spoon! Made with sweet potato, carrot and pumpkin.

Flavors Include:

  • Tropicool
  • Sunbelieveable

Available Sizes:

  • 4.4 fl. oz. cup

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Carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potato in a wave of juice

Even More Options

Additional Vegetable Credits

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